ANIA B /ˈã.ɲa/

Ania Boneicka is a Canadian model-turned influencer, style consultant and art director.

After making the decision to explore the social medium platform, Ania decided along with her partner in life and work, Tyler Stalman, to pursue a career as a blogger, which led to contributing for various fashion magazines, brands and blogs. Recognizing the impact her posts had, not only in Calgary, but on an international level, Ania set up her own blog in 2011, aniab.net - the success of the blog, and her social media influence and content creations has led to partnership with the world’s biggest brands – YSL, Tom Ford,Lancome Coach, and Canada Goose to name just a few. In 2017 Ania.B was nominated for the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA) in the Digital Influencer Of The Year category’

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